Local Carols

Welcome to the Local Carols site.

We have been collating lists of carol sings in the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire areas for some years, making them available on various websites. In 2009, when one of these sites seemed likely not to be maintained any longer, we decided to begin this site.

There are other places where local carols exist and where sings take place — if you let us know we will also publish these. We need your help so that they can be posted here. Please let us have details of any additions, corrections or deletions at info@localcarols.org.uk.

Pat Malham and Frazer Jarvis

Sunday 5 October
12:00noon : Stannington, Rivelin Hotel (Harvest Sing)Map
Saturday 29 November
10:00am : Grenoside Community Centre (Festival of Village Carols)Map
Guests: The Padstow Carollers from Cornwall, The Foolow Carollers from Derbyshire, The Carollers from the Royal Hotel, Dungworth, near Sheffield.
Note: Because postage costs have risen so considerably, and most people will be able to access the information they need from the Internet, there will no longer be a mass mailing to announce the Festival. Instead, the Booking Form will only be available on the Village Carols website.
Bookings from 1st October: Festival of Village Carols, P.O. Box 2099, Sheffield S35 0XU. Enquiries: (01224)645486.
For those who prefer the information in hard copy form, please make a specific request, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, preferably before the end of September 2014, to Ian and Norma Russell at the address above.